Master Kim’s formula of success is based on hard work, prioritizing his objectives, and promoting his businesses through skilled public relations. His three areas of focus are The Martial Arts, Real Estate Development and Restaurant Management.

Born in Korea, Master Kim migrated to the United States in 1975 seeking the “American Dream.” He brought with him a knowledge of business and the ancient martial arts to this modern “land of opportunity.” He adapted quickly to the American culture and honed his intellect by obtaining a Bachelors and Masters degree in science and became associate professor at Long Island University, John Jay College, Kingsboro Community College, and The College of Staten Island.

The Martial Arts

As a 9th Degree Black Belt Master Kim is one of the world’s highest-ranking Grandmasters. Sanctioned by the International and U.S. Olympic Committees, Dragon Kim’s Karate USA chain consists of seven schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. His martial art style was combat tested by the Green Berets. He trained in Vietnam and his discipline’s character building qualities have been proven by the thousands of students that he has taught self discipline, self respect and faithful citizenship. His three oldest sons John, Robert, and David are all masters of the art and carry on the ancient family traditions.

Real Estate Endeavors
  • Master Kim owns Hamden Connecticut Walgreen’s Shopping Center
  • The Great Kills CVS Shopping Center Staten Island NY is currently in development
  • Professional Office at 531-533 Clove Road in Staten Island, NY
  • The IHOP Shopping Center in Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY

  • 1191-97 Clove Road Staten Island, NY Medical Center in development
  • 1719 Hyland Blvd., Staten Island, NY Shopping Center
  • 1000 Corlies Avenue, Neptune, NJ Shopping Center in development

Boards of Director Positions
  • Staten Island Botanical Gardens
  • Staten Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Staten Island Historical Society
  • Staten Island  Mental Health Society
  • Staten Island American Red Cross Chapter

  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center
  • Member of Board of Trustees of Staten Island University Hospital with 7000 employees who serve 125,000 in patients and 475,000 out patients a year.

Local and National Media Exposure
  • Time Magazine
  • CBS News
  • ABC News
  • NBC News
  • Fox News
  • CNN News
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  • The Morning Show with Regis Philbin and Cathy Lee
  • Late Night with Conan O’Brien
  • ESPN
  • WPIX News
  • Various National Martial Art Magazines
  • The Staten Island Advance
  • New York One TV Station

Supporter for Charity and Receiver and Civic Awards
  • Project Hospitality
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Central Family Life Center of Staten Island

  • The Korean School of Staten Island
  • Supporter of ten additional charitable organizations

Master Kim the Man

Master Kim is proud of  his success and the success of all of his seven children. He takes satisfaction from the fact that they are all hard working citizens of the land that Master Kim has grown to love more and more each day. His daily involvement with his IHOP restaurant gives him the opportunity to teach his work ethic to one generation of employees after another. For personal enjoyment he has learned to play the piano, has won ball room dancing competitions, is an avid table tennis player, has acted in a movie and has even done some modeling. He has particularly loved decorating his home that has won numerous architectural awards. He has become known as an effective motivational speaker. Master Kim not only lives the American dream—he encourages others to pursue it.

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